The 333 Championship Series

333 is a side bet that runs concurrently with each event on the Lake Michigan Tournament Trail.  Basically, you have 2 days to catch and weigh your best 3 fish.  A guaranteed $1,000 Cash Prize is up for grabs at each individual 333 event.  Additional cash and prizes are awarded at each event as well.  This season the 333 has awards for the top 17 boats plus 2 individual Big Fish Bonuses all of which will be awarded at each 333 event.

333 also offers optional multi-port contests that track your performance over the course of the entire season. If you're planning on fishing 3 or more events this season you might want to check out the Best Overall Division or the new 333 TenG Side Bet below.  If you have any questions about the 333 feel free to contact Scott at (231) 690-1102 or by email here.