Official Rules

The 333 Championship Series is open to any fishing team willing to participate and abide by official tournament rules and state specific DNR regulations. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decline entry or participation by any person, team or boat, as deemed necessary, to ensure such things as integrity, image, reputation, financial performance and community relationships with sponsors, participants and supporting groups.

The 333 Championship Series is a side bet that runs in conjunction with each host tournament on the Tournament Trail.  The object of the 333 is to catch 3 fish in 2 days.  The heaviest 3-fish catch wins.  Teams can elect to weigh any number of their 3 tournament fish on day 1 or they can elect not to weigh any fish on day one.  Any fish weighed and counted on day 1 cannot be exchanged for a bigger fish caught on day 2.   On day 2 teams will weigh however many fish they have left to complete their 3 fish limit. Any fish weighed in the 333 must come from a legal tournament catch.

Entry Fee:
333 Entry is $100 Per Boat
Some events offer “333 Only” which allows teams to enter 333 without entering any division of the host tournament.
333 Only Entry is $150 Per Boat ($50 will be given to the host tournament)
Check availability at each host event.

333 Limits mirror the limits of the host tournament at which they are taking place.  In other words you must abide by all applicable host tournament limits while fishing 333.  Any 333 fish must come from a legal host tournament catch.  The total number of fish you can count toward your score is 3.  The total number of fish you can catch is determined by the host event and division in which you are entered.

Any 333 fish must come from a legal host tournament catch.  If you or your catch is disqualified for any reason from the host tournament you will be unable to weigh fish in the 333.  This applies only to the catch or day that was disqualified in the host event.  In other words, if you are DQ’d on day 1 you will not be able to weigh any fish on day 1.  However, you will be able to weigh 333 fish on day 2 as long as you are legally able to weigh fish on day 2 in the host tournament.

Late Boats – Boats that are deemed late by host tournament rules will not be allowed to weigh any fish in the 333 on the day that they are late. This ruling will apply at all 333 events even if the host tournament rules call for penalties or point deductions instead of total disqualification.

Disabled Boats – You must fish both days of the 333 in the same boat.  Teams may not for any reason change boats once a tournament has started.

Weigh In:
333 fish will be weighed on separate scales.  They may be weighed prior to or after your host tournament catch.  Remember, all 333 fish must come from your legal host tournament catch.  You must weigh your 333 fish on the 333 scales.  Fish weights recorded on host tournament scales cannot be transfered to the 333.

333 awards will be posted and displayed at the Captain’s Meeting of each host tournament event.  333 Awards are “choice” awards, meaning that first place gets first choice, 2nd place gets second choice and so on.  The only exceptions to this rule are the Big Fish Bonus Awards and the Costa Giveaways.

Big Fish Bonus Awards:
Big Fish Bonus Awards may be available at 333 events.  If they are available they will be on display at the Captain’s Meeting along with the “Choice” Prizes. Big Fish Bonuses are awarded to the team that catches the biggest single fish or group of fish in a pre-determined category.  Big Fish Bonus Awards may vary by port.   THERE IS NO EXTRA COST TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR BIG FISH BONUS AWARDS.  THEY ARE INCLUDED WITH YOUR 333 ENTRY.

Best Overall Division: 
The 333 Best Overall Division is an optional competition that goes on over the course of each 333 Season.  Entry requires an additional entry fee payable in advance of the season or before the start of each event.  Best Overall uses a point system for scoring (see below).  The highest cumulative score at the end of the season will be declared the 333 Best Overall Champion. 

Best Overall Payouts:
The 333 Best Overall Division is 100% payout of all entry fees collected.  The overall winner will receive 50% of the total purse. The remainder of the purse will be paid out as far down as tenth place.  (number of places paid may vary between 5th and 10th place)

Scoring Explained –
Teams may only use (3) 333 scores to make their final score.  A team may elect to fish a 4th event if desired. If they choose to do so, the 4th score will automatically replace their existing lowest score.  In other words, the 4th score will count whether it is better or worse than the existing lowest score prior to the start of the 4th event.   Teams must pay the additional Best Overall Entry Fee PRIOR TO THE START of the host tournament in order for their score to count toward their Best Overall Cumulative Score.  Teams that paid in advance for the entire season must declare their intention to count any score toward Best Overall prior to the beginning of the event they wish to count.  Teams electing not to count their score in the Best Overall will still be eligible for all Port Prizes including all choice prizes and Big Fish Bonus Awards for that specific weekend.  However, their score will not be converted into Best Overall Points.

Best Overall Scores will be determined by awarding points based on standings in individual 333 events.  For example:
1st Place = 100 Points
2nd Place = 99 Points
3rd Place = 98 Points and so on.
That means that if a team comes in first place for 3 individual 333 events they would receive 100 points for each victory.  That translates to a Best Overall Score of 300.

Size Of Field Bonus:
Bonus points will be added to each team’s score based on the total number of boats competing in the 333 event.  The points will be calculated as 10% of the Size of Field.  For example:

Team A competes in a 333 event and comes in 3rd.
There were a total of 48 boats competing in that 333 event.
Team A gets 98 points for 3rd plus 4.8 points for Size of Field.
Team A Total Score:  102.8 points

Team B competes in the same 333 event and comes in 20th.
Team B gets 81 points for 2oth plus 4.8 points for Size of Field.
Team B Total Score:  85.8 points

PLEASE NOTE:  333 Best Overall Scores are not transferable between boats.  You MUST fish in the same boat for each of your 333 individual scores in order for them to count toward Best Overall.***

***See “Switching Boats” Rule for further explanation

Switching Boats
Teams are not allowed to switch boats during the season.  333 scores in the Championship Series, Best Overall and Broadcast Championship always follow the boat.  However, any Captain, Crew or Team Entity does retain the right to acquire a new boat at any time.  If this occurs during the season, the Team will be allowed to change to their new boat under the following conditions:
–  The intent to switch boats must be brought to the attention of Tournament Trail as soon as possible.
–  The switch must be officially declared by the Captain to Tournament Trail prior to the start of the first event in which the new boat will be used.
–  The new boat must completely replace the old boat.  In other words, buying or acquiring a second boat that you plan to equip and use in addition to your original boat does not allow you to switch boats.
–  Under no circumstances will the team be allowed to revert back to the old boat once the switch is made.
–  At their discretion, Tournament Trail may request proof of ownership of the new boat or proof of sale of the old boat.

The 333 Tournament Director reserves final authority to approve any proposed switch in order to assure compliance with the spirit and intent of this rule.

333 Only:
In an effort to make the Tournament Experience more accessible to more anglers, some events on the Tournament Trail offer “333 Only” as an entry option.  If 333 Only is in effect, teams may elect to enter the 333 event without entering any division of the host event itself.

333 Only teams are required to abide by all applicable tournament limits.  333 Only teams may bring a maximum of (5) fish to the 333 Scales each day.

333 Only teams will be eligible for all 333 Port Prizes including all choice prizes, gear packages and Big Fish Bonus awards.  333 Only teams may also enter the Best Overall competition by paying the additional entry fee prior to the start of the event to declare they are counting their score.  333 Only teams are not eligible for any prizes awarded in the host event.

333 Only Entry is $150 per boat.  The additional $50 in the entry fee goes to the host event. 333 Only is only available at certain events.  Check with Tournament Trail Staff or Host Event Staff to verify availability