Salmon Showdown Advance Viewing

Why wait for the Showdown? Season 4 is underway and it is airing every Thursday, 4:30pm nationwide on the Pursuit Channel.  Well, maybe you don’t have Pursuit…  Maybe you’ve got Pursuit and you just don’t want to wait.  Either way, we’ve got the answer!

Fishing and Hunting Forum members will receive a Sneak Preview Password each Monday that allows them to watch the latest episode online before it airs! It’s simple, its free, its fun and it gets you an advance look at Salmon Showdown Season 4.  (Regular online viewing will be available the following Monday.)

Fishing and Hunting Forum covers much more than Salmon Showdown too! Share the passion with other anglers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.  Follow along with the tournament season as it happens.  There’s even free classifieds to buy and sell gear. Check it out at here and sign up now to get your Sneak Preview Code for Salmon Showdown Season 4..