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100% Payout Each Division. (70-15-10-5)

$500 Entry Per Division.
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How it works...

The 333 Ten G Side Bet runs similar to the Best Overall Division with a couple of key exceptions.  333 scoring across multiple events are used to establish a group of 4 boats that compete at the end of each division schedule for a cash prize of up to $10,000 or more.  The final showdown events will be Saugatuck in the South and and the Manistee Monster in the North.

How to get in...

The 333 Ten G Side Bet is open to everyone. Simply pay your entry fee online or on-site prior to the first event you'd like to count toward your score.  The $500 entry fee covers your team for the entire season. If you fish at least (3) 333's annually and you're able to fish Saugatuck in August or the Monster in September, you might want to give it a try!

PLEASE NOTE: The $500 entry fee covers registration into the side bet only. Teams must still enter (3) individual 333 port contests to post their score. Also, there is no 4th event option in the 333 TenG Side Bet. Teams may only count 3 scores. Teams must declare their intent to count each score prior to fishing each individual event.  (Teams do not have to declare all of their ports in advance)  For more information on the 333 TenG Side Bet contact Scott at 231-690-1102 or get the full rules HERE.

2018 333 Side Bet Champs: Team Bad Dog

2018 333 Side Bet Champs: Team Bad Dog

2017 Side Bet Champs: Team Betty Lou

2017 Side Bet Champs: Team Betty Lou